What is Consumer Mobilization?

If you want more TIME in your life, here is what you MUST know…

First press ‘pause’ on the video above so it downloads fully while you read on.

Now understand that you can have an active role in redefining the Indian economy. This is a huge consumer market. Kishore Biyani realized that and the result was “Big Bazaar”. Mukesh Ambani realized that and the result was “Reliance Retail”. You can realize that and the results can be left to your imagination.

But there are principles that Mr Biyani and Mr Ambani have learned that were not taught to you in school and college.

You can learn them at upcoming seminars with guidance from your mentor. Play the video now and ride the trends of the economy of the 21st century with no risk to your current work and income, and with no substantial investment.

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Convergence of Abundance and B-Quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki’s book, ‘Cashflow Quadrant‘ gives a step by step formula to move into wealth. Dalai Lama’s life gives a clear picture of abundance in spite of no apparent riches. Are both actually saying the same thing?

For those of you who have read Cashflow Quadrant, it may be interesting to realize that success as a b-quadrant person and success as a spiritual person rest on the same premise.

Networking is the celebrated author’s recommended route to develop business owner thinking. And he says this is the way for anyone to enter the B-quadrant of the truly wealthy (people with plenty of money, health and time) provided they work with a TEAM, following a SYSTEM, to which they SURRENDER.

Spiritual discourses (art of living et al) on the other hand always speak of merging oneself with higher consciousness, surrendering the ego and visualizing the whole world as one… yours.

In both, higher consciousness and B-quadrant, the crux is removing oneself from the self-centre and accepting oneness with the abundance all around. Interestingly, spiritual techniques may use celibacy / vegetarianism and other such humbling tools… whereas business ownership calls for surrender to a system / prospecting as the humbling tools.

Eventually, as the tools are used, ego subsides and abundance manifests! And lo, proof of this was made public just recently in Kiyosaki’s latest book ‘Rich Brother, Rich Sister’ which brings out his sister from relative obscurity as an accomplished buddhist monk under the aegis of Dalai Lama! Boy, are they both abundant!

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So what’s Kiyosaki really saying?

As you read through this presentation you’ll find a practical means to realize every dream of yours… whatever your limitation.

The left-quadrants are about limitations and competition – because there is less resource and more people. The right-quadrants are about abundance because there is plenty and a team to help you to it.

Which world would you prefer to live in? Are you open to a change of mindset? Drop in your details on the right to initiate a dialog >>>

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The Value of a System

Well, here I go again, sharing random thoughts with unsuspecting souls who happen to have clicked on this article …this is your lucky day! Because in the next few short paras I will be putting across the single most important learning I’ve had in 20 years of business and industry. And here it is…

If you are in business, and you are not operating a System, you are indulging in a criminal offense against your family, your personal life and the future of your kids. Sorry if that’s harsh, but indulge me on this.

A System is a process by means of which work happens without constant need for direct personal interference. It may not have occurred to you, but the most successful and profitable business empires in all of the world are all built around ‘Systems’ otherwise they fail… miserably.

McDonalds – System
Starbucks – System
Subway – System
(800) Flowers – System
Dominos Pizza – System

So if you are in business and ‘doing it your way’, here’s what you are missing… the hidden code…

S.Y.S.T.E.M. = Save.Your.Self.Time.Energy.&Money.

A team-mate of mine thought this acronym was SEXY and that’s when it occurred to me… that as a T.E.A.M. (Together.Everyone.Achieves.More), by following the S.Y.S.T.E.M., we Save.Everyone.Xtra.Years… and that is indeed S.E.X.Y.!

So how about you? Would you still do it your way or subscribe to a System? Whether your work is online or offline, there are Systems that make work more effective and efficient and you need to pay a price for them… but you receive exponentially larger realizations from your work output.

For those still skeptical, I would recommend the book, “Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki. For me this book is like a bible for it changed my entire approach to realizing my dreams through my work. What will it take for you to realize your dreams?

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Active v/s Passive Income

Income in the right quadrants is passive. That in the left quadrants is active. Watch this video for total clarity on the difference.

Now, which income do you choose for your family’s future? The Ambanis have gas pipelines… the Mittals have telecom pipelines… the Gates have software pipelines.

If you need help making yours, just fill the form on your right >>

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